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Reasons To Choose Mango Wood For Furniture

This wonderful, sustainable wood, makes stylish and versatile furniture, that is both long-lasting and affordable.

When Asha Living & Lighting made the decision to expand their successful lighting shop into furniture and homewares, we wanted to ensure we were offering our customers something that had been developed for modern, 21st century living.

Thanks to the rise and rise of home-design shows on TV, Pinterest and Instagram’s dreamy interior-led content, and any number of fast-fashion brands introducing homewares, how you style your home is now an extension of how you style yourself!

We asked ourselves - what is important to people today? How do we live, what are our priorities and how do we like our environment to look?

There were three main points that came up every time:

  1. Sustainability is a BIG deal. We care about the environment and the impact that our choices are making and as consumers, we’re now demanding more transparency and better effort from retailers and designers.

  2. It needs to look stylish – with a more minimal vibe. Yes, we like to go all out with soft furnishings and ornaments, but we’re happy to change these up around chic, effortless furniture.

  3. It should be built to last. A combination of points one and two, longevity is more and more important. We no longer want flatpack, fast furniture. We want good looking, long lasting pieces that will stand the test of time instead of ending up in landfill!

Armed with this information we spoke to our manufacturing partners and discussed how best to transform our design ideas and beautiful collections into items people would love to own. The answer, they told us, is simple – Mango Wood.  

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foreteviot collection

A Sustainable Source of Materials

Grown in many areas of the world, the Mango Wood we use here at Asha Living & Lighting comes from India.  The main reason Mango wood is so sustainable is because it is really a by-product of the thriving mango fruit industry.  

Unlike our Scottish oaks that can take over 50 years to mature, mango trees reach around 18 meters in around 15 years.  At this height, the trees are too tall to harvest the fruit and it is at this point they are cut for timber and a new generation of trees is planted.

Farmers plant new trees every 7 to 15 years to create a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvest, with only the barren trees being chopped down. Before mango wood became the popular furniture choice that it is today, these tall trees would have been burnt or left to break down naturally.

In addition, due to the move towards using this more sustainable by-product, there is less pressure to use more endangered trees.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Mango is a hardwood with dense grains – just like oak and mahogany – which means you are buying into a quality product much like the sturdy old oak dining table your granny had for years!

This is crucial when it comes to furniture production; first and foremost you are guaranteed the strength required for TV stands, display cabinets and chairs as well as giving you an end product that will stand the test of time.

With Mango though, it is still relatively easy to work with – a trait usually found in cheaper wood alternatives such as pine – which is why it is so versatile in its use.

Stylish And Versatile Design

Mango wood is usually a golden-brown colour, a little darker than oak. It has a beautiful grain pattern that is more pronounced than its other hardwood cousins and because of this, it is has that wonderful warm aesthetic that works so perfectly in any well-designed piece of real wood furniture.

Here at Asha Living, we offer a mix of natural, distressed, and stained mango furniture and this ensures we can offer the best possible choice to our customers visiting our furniture showroom in Perth and here on our website. Have a look through our exclusive collections for inspiration.

The grain and texture of mango also makes it a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to designing a range of products. From a coffee table to bedside drawers, a smart bookcase to a quirky 'shelf', the versatility of this beautiful wood has us wondering why we’ve not been using it for centuries!

Great Value And Easy To Care For

Because of its availability, mango wood is really affordable which is surprising given the superb quality and beautiful look of this wood.  

Here at Asha Living you will find practical and beautiful nests of tables for only £89 and sturdy sideboards for under £400.

Mango wood furniture is incredibly durable and water resistant and if you live in a colder climate - such as Scotland  - it is easily cared for by keeping it well moisturised with a good furniture polish or wax which will also create a protective finish and high shine.

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Excellent selection of lighting and Duncan couldn't be more helpful with his knowledge & advice! Worth the drive through from East Lothian to Perth after recommendation! Purchased a stunning light today but will certainly be back for another visit in next few months!