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It seems that no matter how large or small our homes there are never enough cupboards or shelves. In today’s busy lifestyles we seem to constantly be accumulating beautiful object-de-arts, family keepsakes and all of the necessary info and equipment for an endless stream of hobbies and interests. 

This certainly makes life interesting and happy, but where to put it all? 

At Asha Furniture and Lighting in Perth, we have created and designed furniture intended for modern life. TV and media units with extra cupboards, display shelves with drawers for hiding away instructions and paperwork, and super stylish sideboards that pop neatly into small spaces to make a big difference!

"Our display units, storage systems, chest of drawers and cocktail cabinets are made from our signature material; mango wood. This gives a beautiful finish and aesthetic while ensuring your furniture is strong and robust enough for daily use."
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Reasons To Choose Mango Wood For Furniture

Reasons To Choose Mango Wood

Excellent selection of lighting and Duncan couldn't be more helpful with his knowledge & advice! Worth the drive through from East Lothian to Perth after recommendation! Purchased a stunning light today but will certainly be back for another visit in next few months!