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Home Bars Worth Throwing A Party For

Turn up the music and stock the home bar high! We’re only a month away from Summer Garden Parties!


Turn up the music and stock the home bar high! With the summer months ahead we are a hop, skip and a jump away from garden parties and late sunsets.

As summer begins, we’re feeling energised, hopeful and in the mood for drinks, dancing and having fun. 

I can’t speak for your friends, but when it comes to mine some sassy cocktails, a few ice cold beers and a nice glass of fizz or three will all be front and centre of summer 2023!  Will they be impressed? We think so!

Which is why here at Asha Living we’ve been busy working on a new line of fabulously quirky home bars. These truly unique pieces are all designed by us and hand-made by our master craftsmen in India using recycled tyres and reclaimed metal.  View the whole range in our Home Bars department.

Why Choose An Asha Living Home Bar

  • VERSATILITY: Perfect for the corner of a large kitchen or informal dining room, inside a garden gazebo or under a pergola, and ideal in a converted garage or shed.  The BMW Bike Console Bar is a great example! 

  • SIZE: From the dinky Vespa Bar Shelf and Tuk Tuk Counter Bar, to the statement Vector Bike Home Bar, we have home bars in all shapes and sizes.

  • STYLE: These quirky bars are designed to fit all living spaces, painted in a range of neutral colours including silver, black and bronze. Although we must admit, the bright red racecar bar is a favourite too!

  • STORAGE: Space to hang glasses, store bottles, counters for bowls of fruit and buckets of ice. We’ve thought of everything to host the perfect party – and free up cupboard space in the kitchen! Check out the Triumph Bike Bar which has it all.
LG-124 EDGE006 Tuk Tuk BarLG-124 EDGE006 Tuk Tuk Bar
LG-108 EDGE009 Ship Bar Counter
LG-108 EDGE009 Ship Bar Counter
LG-117 EDGE003 Full Scooter Bar
LG-62 EDGE004 Triumph Bike Bar
LG-110 EDGE003 Car Coffee Table

The Benefits of A Home Bar

  • A fabulously fun way to socialise and relax. Invite your favourite people around and get shaking!

  • You choose the music, the crowd and the drinks – and no need for taxis or designated drivers

  • They look fantastic and are sure to be a talking point as your guests arrive – what better way to break the ice and get the party started?

  • Turn them into a fun hobby as you learn to shake some new cocktails using all of the great spirits you now have room to store! CHEERS!

  • Dress code optional – guaranteed entry in your Pjs and slippers or go full out with a ballgown and heels!

Top Tips For A Well Stocked Bar

We caught up with Diane Brown from Provender Brown Deli, to ask her for some top tips for a well-stocked bar.  Provender Brown is the home of gin and craft spirits and beers in Perthshire, and Diane has mixed many a drink in her time.

Here’s what she said,

“When stocking your home bar, try to think about your own crowd of friends.  I am a lover of gins and easily have a dozen open at any one time. We also love a glass of Prosecco and a cheeky cocktail or two but others will be more inclined to have a good choice of whisky or rum.

“Remember too to think about your mixers.  Go for something a little different to the standard Schweppes and really impress your friends! Finally, invest a few pounds in some classy glasses and essential bar tools to help you mix the perfect drink.  Now send out the invites and prepare to shake!”   

Try this as a good basic starting point.

6 Best Spirits for a Home bar

  • Good quality Vodka
  • Two or three choices of Gin
  • Tequilas for Margaritas
  • Two different rums or Bacardi
  • Whisky – a couple of single malts and a blend for cocktails
  • A good basic Brandy

Liqueurs to Have In a Home Bar

  • Amaretto - An almond-flavored liqueur that is used in both fancy and casual cocktails.
  • A Coffee Liqueur - White Russians rely on Kahlua.
  • Dry and Sweet Vermouth – James Bond fans love a Martini
  • Irish Cream Liqueur – who doesn’t love a Baileys?
  • An Orange Liqueur – Go triple sec, Cointreau, or Grand Marnier
  • Chambord - The iconic raspberry liqueur used in lots of cocktails
  • Drambuie – The ultimate companion to your whisky offering

Mixers For Your Pub At Home

When choosing mixers try to go for something different. There are loads of options now and you can buy small bottles or cans in individual servings that work for one or two drinks so you're not mixing with flat juice!

  • Tonic Water
  • Ginger Ale
  • Cola and Diet Cola
  • Lemon-Lime Soda
  • Club Soda
  • Orange Juice 
  • Cranberry Juice 
  • Tomato Juice 
  • Bitters 
  • Grenadine 

Finally, to create a really great drink you’ll want plenty of ice! We’ve made sure each of our home bars comes with a good-sized counter to hold a chunky ice bucket and all of the essential tools of the trade.  

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Absolutely outstanding customer service, love the products, so stylish and the quality is excellent. Will definitely be my first stop for my next purchase.